Special characteristics

Engineered stone is a popular name for a technologically-made product – a stone with a main ingredient of natural quartz, which exceeds 94%, the rest being resins, pigments, and in rare cases other particles in order to achieve a decorative effect. Engineered or technical stone is widely used as a material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, pavements and claddings, staircases and details. Due to the high content of quartz in its structure, the engineered stone has remarkable strength and durability, so the ready product guarantees the desired characteristics – preserving its beautiful appearance and trouble-free functioning for years.
The quartz countertop is extremely easy to maintain, one of the most hygienic materials not only for kitchen surfaces, but also for any other surfaces, including healthcare facilities, pubs, pools, spa centers, and so on. A major advantage of this material is its ability not to keep durable stains and traces of everyday activities, and there is no danger of damage when the usual acids as lemon, vinegar, etc. drop onto the surface, its color remains intense and fresh over the years, and the glow is still flawless without any need for repolishing or any other special maintenance.


Thanks to the opulence of colors and decorative effects, combined with strength and durability, engineered stone is used in a wide range of projects. Its improved characteristics, compared to the natural stones, contribute to its use as a cladding material even in areas with intensive loads and strict hygienic requirements.

Catalogue BELENCO – Engineered stone

Catalogue SILESTONE – Engineered stone

Catalogue DEKTON – Ultracompact stone